Tuesday, February 25, 2014

little duck

Here is a watercolor painting for my children's illustration portfolio I did this morning.

I thought I would show the evolution of this painting. I started out just playing around with idea sketches in photoshop until I came upon an idea I liked.

From here I made a small thumbnail, just an inch or so big. I am only focusing on the design of the page and the composition and placement of the images. Obviously one inch is too small for any detail work and that is the point.

From here I scanned in the thumbnail and enlarged it to 5x6 inches, still working quite small. I lowered the opacity and printed it out. I then drew on top of the print out to make my cleaned up sketch.

After I was happy with my sketch, I scanned it in and enlarged it to 8x10. I then printed it out and used carbon paper to trace my sketch onto the watercolor paper. 

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