Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Bride Part 2

I just finished this illustration for the invitations for my bridal shower. It is pretty girly, but there's nothing more girly than a bridal shower, so it works. It's sort of the bride of frankenstein barbie-version. As always, your comments are very appreciated. My blog is only one week old but I have already gotten some very encouraging comments from people. Thank you everyone who has taken the time to visit my little blog!


  1. Nice illustration! And it's a great idea for a Bridal shower this time of year. Best wishes for you and your new blog.

  2. ARGH! Well GL on the new blog but can you please open up the comments so that I can just put in my name and URL? I know you can do it!


    P.S. I still haven't gotten the OpenID thing right.

  3. I love this - It looks like a screen shot from some cool saturday morning cartoon!

    *side note* you've inspired me to start illustrating/digitally coloring. I'll have to send you what I'm working on as I refuse to post anything yet

  4. Hey Joanie

    Congrats to your engagement! The card is cool - love the combination of your creepy theme with cuteness. Hah!